Our services and EXPERIENCE range from FINANTIAL AID to helping you find the property that best suits you . 


                                              As Your Agent, We Will:


•   Guide you through the entire buying process, from finding properties that meet your needs, to getting the best financing.


•   Help you avoid costly mistakes.


•   Inform you about the local market area, including schools, neighborhoods, the local economy, and more.




Analytic Services


Complete and detailed analytics.


Strengthen your market knowledge will allow you to decide to buy, sell or hold with confidence.


Penetrating insight into the supply/demand forces, sales and leasing activity—from high-level market and economic trends right down to the individual transaction. 


All thoroughly researched, rigorously verified and continuously updated.



Our services and  experience allow you to focus on your move while we manage your home sale from the initial consultation to the closing deal, and beyond.


                                     As Your Agent, We Will:


•   Complete a comparative market analysis.


•   Plan detailing our strategy to sell your property, getting maximum     exposure.

•   Generate curb appeal to ensure you get the highest price.

•   Negotiate the best deal

Management Property Services

Our experienced team of professionals  enable us  to maximize your property profits.


•   In-house Maintenance Team

•   Quick Response

•   Account Reconciliation

•   We Cover Up To 50% (up to $300) Of Eviction Costs

•   National Criminal Background Checks

•   Employment Verifications

•   Rental Verifications

•   All Vendors Licensed & Insured

•   Competitive Rates

•   Maximum Exposure To Multiple Marketing Outlets

•   Free Rental Analysis

•   End Of Year Statements & Tax Statements Provided

•   Bi-Annual Property Reviews

•   Excellent Customer Service

•   Video Capture Move In Property Reviews

•   Attention To Detail